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Sir John Verney, Bt (1913-1993) was the archetypical English gentleman. A decorated war hero, one of the early members of the SBS, and skilled and prolific artist, he drew the covers of Collins Magazines for fifteen years and wrote a dozen books including a best-seller about his experiences in World War Two. 

John became an ardent conservator of ancient buildings, a founder of the Farnham Building Preservation Trust, local councillor, served on many committees and became a friend to many. Known in Farnham for riding around town on his old black bicycle wearing a battered trilby hat, John could number among his varied achievements as being the inventor of the Dodo-Pad. 

"This book fills a long-awaited need".

A Life Story of Sir John Verney, Bt.

by Guy J. Singer

Publication expected mid 2021

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